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Finally, a way to prevent stress – and not merely cope!

Let Dr. Kiran Dintyala, founder of the Stress Free Revolution, reveal his break-through system for stress-free living to alleviate and prevent stress in your life.

Learn not only how to manage stress but more importantly how to prevent it. Using his PET system you can solve even the most difficult problems in your life. Every person can benefit from this system regardless of age, sex, race, creed, country and profession.

Learn how to use the PET system today to live stress-free!

Dr. Kiran Dintyala MD, MPH

Dr. Kiran Dintyala MD, MPH
Founder of Stress Free Revolution

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“The biggest myth people believe in is that stress is inevitable and they got to live with it. Truth be known, living stress-free is much easier than what most people think!”

~ Dr. Kiran Dintyala

Unleash the Power of Stress-Freedom

When you achieve stress-freedom you will find boundless peace, limitless joy and unparalleled success beyond your wildest imaginations! Come explore the PET system for stress-freedom and lead a new life full of peace, joy and wisdom! You don’t have to succumb to stress. The secret door to stress freedom is wide open.

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Use The PET System and Escape the Stress Cycle

Dr. Kiran Dintyala developed the PET system so that you can manifest wonderful results in your life in the form of beautiful relationships, successful career, abundance of wealth, lasting health, peak performance, work-life balance and many other positive outcomes in your life.

Corporate Solutions

Corporate Programs

Stress Minimum
Performance Maximum

Don’t let stress defeat your company’s performance and financial bottom-line!!!

  • Stress is corporate America’s biggest challenge in the 21st century
  • $300 billion is the cost of ignoring workplace stress per NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health)
  • High employee turnover may cost you anywhere between 20% to 200% of your employees’ salary

To put in perspective, the cost of implementing our effective stress management program is far less than the cost of high employee turnover.

The truth is, once you train your company to be stress-free, you will be reaping the rewards of high performance and peak productivity immediately.

Take action today and save your organization from stress-bankruptcy!

Solutions for Health Professionals

Health Professionals

Reignite Your Passion
and Reinvent Your Life

Every Day You Save So Many Lives…
Don’t Forget to Save Your Own!

  • Undoubtedly, being a health professional automatically puts you at high risk for stress and burnout
  • In fact, a recent national survey showed that health care workers face higher stress levels than any other work force in the nation
  • Stress affects your performance, your interaction with your patients and coworkers, ultimately leading to an unhappy life and passionless medical career.

The good news is: You can prevent stress and so all those bad consequences. You can rekindle the lost passion and happiness in your life.

By investing as little as 20 minutes a day you can see a magical transformation in your life. Don’t let one more day pass!

Take action today to eliminate stress from your life!

Solutions for Individuals

Health Seekers

Live Longer
Live Younger

Stress is a silent killer…
Ignore it no more.

  • Chronic stress is the foundation for many chronic diseases
  • Stress is directly related to heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, alcoholism, drugs, smoking and many other illnesses
  • Stressed people age faster. Your body feels weaker and your mind becomes tired and forgetful

Stress is the new age epidemic that’s much worse than many other diseases out there. Yet no one talks about it and no one is taking steps to find real solutions to prevent stress.

That’s the reason we created the PET system for stress-free living. Don’t let stress accumulate in your life anymore.

Take action today to eliminate stress from your life to live longer and younger!


Dr. Kiran Dintyala’s New Book

Calm in the Midst of Chaos – Dr. Calm’s Prescription for Stress-Free Living

The book ‘Calm in the Midst of Chaos’ is a must have guide for anyone who wants to eliminate stress from their lives. Claiming that no stress challenge is too big or complicated, the author introduces principles that will help readers prevent burnout from stress and ultimately live stress free. The groundbreaking principles discussed in this book not only address how to effectively manage stress that has already entered your life but more importantly, it leaves you with clear insights on how to prevent stress in the first place so that you don’t have to worry about managing it later. In doing so, it takes, an inside-out approach to effortlessly solving the stress problems we face, contrary to the less effective and temporary outside-in approaches that prevail in our current society.

With compelling examples and illustrations, the author validates the importance of Calmness First in our lives for creating a lasting foundation of happiness, success and freedom. It helps the reader move away from being Reactive to becoming Calm-Active, a prerequisite to preventing stress to self and others. The book covers topics ranging from stress triggers and the laws of thought mechanics to virtual stress and salvaging stressed relationships. Learning the principles and applying them in your life, culminates in a series of benefits and positive outcomes in your life which include developing stress resistance, overall improvement in sleeping and health, better relationships, successful career and more balance in life.

For anyone who wants to find more peace, joy and wisdom in their lives, this book is for them.

Coming to bookstores and online retailers in early 2018!

Pre-order Your Copy Today!

Calm in the Midst of Chaos Book Cover

I Want to Make a Difference

Many times in my life, the stress monster tried to swallow me alive. But, each time I found the resilience within to fight stress and ultimately emerge victorious and stronger than ever!

Now, I am here to share the same powerful system I followed for stress-free living with you so that you too may find peace, joy and wisdom in your life! Just listen to what others have to say about this…

“Thank You Dr. Dintyala”

“My friends and I attended your stress management seminar in January. I wanted you to know that we refer back to what we learned often in our conversations. I am always trying to find more peace in my life. You gave me many tips to help with that. Thank you for such valuable information.” ~ Franca Biancamano

“When it comes to stress management, Kiran’s knowledge of the subject is only exceeded by his passion for teaching it! He leaves audiences with practical solutions for managing the stress in their lives and, more importantly, for reducing its impact on their health and happiness. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, Kiran’s message is one that every person needs to hear and act on!”

Mark Sasscer, Founder & CEO, LeadQuest Consulting, Inc.
”When I got the opportunity to write this testimonial, I took two days to think and write. There is so much I felt like expressing and I found it very hard to transpose my thoughts into words.

There are only two entities in this world who do not have stress: the statue of God in temple and the dead body in graveyard. Every body else has stress.

Dr. Kiran Dintyala is an amazing human being and his presence is calming. I have attended many personality training workshops and I volunteered as a group leader in many of them. It’s very rare to find a person such as Dr. Kiran Dintyala who instills calmness in us by his mere presence. Attending his workshop is an enlightening experience. It’s priceless. I have no second thoughts in recommending his workshops for those who want to bring positive change into their lives and their loved ones lives. Let’s kick stress out of our lives and contribute to the stress-free revolution.”