1. Give the gift of your calm presence even though you can’t give any physical presents. Your 100% presence can give more happiness to people around you and offer the attention they deserve.
  2. Give the gift of silence to those who need solitude and a silent period in their lives. When you remain silent in others presence, it will give them an opportunity to express themselves freely.
  3. Give the gift of understanding which all of us seek deeply in our hearts but receive the least. Do not wait! Reach out to your friends and family that you want to understand better. When you hold a conversation with them, spend time actively listening to them rather than interrupting them with your own ideas and judgments. Your non-interference will magically transform your relationship with them.
  4. Give the gift of unconditional love. Love is the greatest healing force in life. Giving your unconditional love to the people you love the most, is the fastest way to transform your relationships and enrich your life.
  5. Give the gift of kindness. Be kind to others around you regardless what you think about them. Even though you think someone has done wrong and you are right, do not be unkind to them. Your gift of kindness will help them recognize and regret their mistake faster than if you are unkind to them. If you are unkind to them, their focus will be on retaliation rather than on introspection, the prerequisite for recognizing and correcting their mistake.
  6. Give the gift of appreciation. Appreciate others sincerely for the good they do. Be grateful for the presence of your family and friends in your life and express your feelings of gratitude to them nicely. Caution: Do not flatter. Flattering is counterproductive.
  7. Give the gift of nonjudgment and forgiveness. Many people sink under the weight of our judgment and resentment. We all make mistakes and most people feel regret, whether they express it outrightly or not. But, they continue to worry whether people are still judging them based on their past mistakes. The greatest gift you can give is to release them from the prison of judgment by forgiving them unconditionally and being nice and friendly to them.