→ Have you been feeling anxious every time you turn on the TV and watch news channels?
→ Have you been feeling palpitations when you hear about Trump and his policies?
→ Are you finding your blood pressure uncontrollable despite taking all your medications and following the right diet?
→ Have you bee avoiding family and social get-togethers because you are afraid of the possibility of discussing politics?
→ Are you in conflict with friends, family, and colleagues over Trump and election results?

If so, stop doing what you are doing and read this. You may be suffering from ‘TrumperTension.’


Here are a few tips you can use to find peace of mind during these trying times:

1. Move On, March Forward, and Never Look Back
a. Now that the election is over, move on swiftly with your job, business, or other activities. At the end of the day, that is what is important.
b. The conscious choices you make every day in your life will determine your destiny more than the election result. You control your destiny.
2. Realize That Every Thing Happens for a Reason
a. It’s time to get over the election results. Of course, you fought well and did the best you could for your candidate.
b. Life is not perfect. You don’t always get what you want. That’s the harsh truth of life.
c. When you accept this fact, life becomes more enjoyable.
3. Do Not Dwell on the Past; Worrying About the Past Doesn’t Help
a. The past has no life of its own. It is just a memory that exists in your mind and bothers you only to the extent you think about it.
b. The more you ruminate over the past hurt, the worse you feel. So do not ruminate over the election results. It will lose its grip on you if you decide not to ruminate over it.
4. Never Imagine a Fearful Future; Realize That Future Is Just a Figment of Your Imagination
a. Your inquiry into the future can be endless and it is often fear-driven. Don’t fall into that trap.
b. The fearful future is not real and is not yet here. Then why imagine a terrible future? Maybe everything will turn out good.
c. The future holds promise if you let go of the past. Learn from the past, stay in the present, and plan for the future.
5. Anchor Yourself to the Present Moment
a. Living in the present moment eliminates stress from your life. Know that there is only one moment—this moment.
b. The next moment has not come yet. What ever happened a moment ago is no longer present. So just live in the moment.