Peace of Mind Matters
The first step in finding the solution to the stress resulting from the election (PESD) is to acknowledge the fact that your peace of mind is more important than anything else. Only if you have peace of mind, do all the money, possessions, and power you have in life matter. If you lack it, then all the money and power in the world can’t make you happy. So, don’t lose your peace of mind for anything. Do whatever you have to do without losing peace of mind. That’s the essence of the art of stress-free living.

The reason I emphasize this point so strongly is that I often see people throwing away their peace of mind like a piece of garbage that has no value (and for reasons that are quite regretful). The very concept of peace of mind is not given enough importance in our culture. People place a lot of value in money, relationships, possessions (such as cars, homes, phones, and computers), and political power, but rarely is peace of mind seen as an entity that needs to be valued and retained by all means. That concept doesn’t exist in our modern society. Thus, people get into petty arguments in their relationships, giving more importance to ego than to peace to mind. People trade in their mental peace in the pursuit of making more money. People jeopardize their peace of mind in the struggle to amass political power and climb higher and higher up the ladder in their organization.

Most People Lack Peace of Mind Because It’s Not a Priority for Them

The result is, obviously, that most people lack peace of mind and are deeply stressed. The truth is you can’t solve the problem of stress unless you prioritize peace of mind. So, make up your mind now that you are going to do whatever it takes to regain your peaceful self. The reason this is so important is that when someone is peaceful, he or she tends to be more energetic and healthier, be more helpful and kinder to others, perform better at work, make better decisions in life, and much more. Overall, a person lives a much more harmonious and wholesome life when he or she is peaceful. And who doesn’t want that? We all do.

Being Busy Is Not an Excuse to Throw Away Your Peace of Mind

Let me give you an example that demonstrates this point. Recently, I had been very busy doing multiple projects, including writing a book, creating a video program on stress management, performing stress management research, dealing with some problems with the home I was living in, handling an unexpected situation where one of my close relatives was diagnosed with cancer, attending a few back-to-back conferences, and so on. All this was happening on top of a very hectic schedule as a physician. Initially, I was very happy that all the stress management work that I wanted to do was going so well. But eventually, all these different priorities started encroaching into the calm space within and draining away my peace of mind as I kept missing my “quiet time,” which, for me, is the meditation that I regularly do.

As I continued to engage myself in all these other activities, I started to feel very restless. Things were not flowing well. I felt very low in energy and became easily tired. At one point, it started impacting my health. I lost my appetite. Whatever I ate didn’t taste right and wasn’t being digested easily. I felt palpitations. The goals I set to achieve were not happening.

So, what did I do to regain my peace of mind and achieve my goals again? You will find that out in my next blog post on May 1st, 2017…