Prioritize Peace of Mind – Part 2

It Doesn’t Take Much Time to Regain Your Peace of Mind Finally, one day, I stopped myself and asked, “What’s going on? Why don’t I feel happy? Why don’t I feel good that I am busy with the work I wanted to do? Is that not what I wanted? Why am I feeling so restless?”

Prioritize Peace of Mind – Part 1

Peace of Mind Matters The first step in finding the solution to the stress resulting from the election (PESD) is to acknowledge the fact that your peace of mind is more important than anything else. Only if you have peace of mind, do all the money, possessions, and power you have in life matter. If

Post-Election Stress Disorder – 2

One day, at 7:00 am in the morning, I got a call from the nurse that the blood pressure (BP) of one of my patients was uncontrollable. It was 200/110. Oh, my God! That’s high. As many of you may already know, high BP can lead to stroke, heart attack, and other devastating health problems.

Post-Election Stress Disorder – 1

The election has left millions of people in a state of great distress that they can’t escape. I call this post-election stress disorder. What is post-election stress disorder? To know that, first we should define stress and understand the difference between acute stress and chronic stress. Stress at its core is nothing but a state