Stress Minimum Performance Maximum: A Corporate Stress Reduction Program

corporations1Stress is Corporate America’s biggest challenge in the 21st century!

  • Job stress is estimated to cost U.S. Industry more than $300 billion a year in absenteeism, turnover, diminished productivity and medical, legal and insurance costs (Rosch, 2001)
  • 69% percent of employees report that work is a significant source of stress and 41% say they typically feel tense or stressed out during the workday (American Psychological Association, 2009)
  • 73% of Americans reported job stress in 2013 which jumped to 83% in 2014, according to a survey of 1019 employees by Harris Interactive

Work Place Stress is an Epidemic – You got to Stop it now!

  • Fifty-one percent of employees said they were less productive at work as a result of stress (American Psychological Association, 2009.
  • Stress often paralyzes employees from performing at their best. A stressed employee makes more mistakes and can be a danger to himself and the organization
  • Stress can take the form of workplace violence, absenteeism, presenteeism and sickness behaviors that can cripple the organization’s growth

Health consequences of stress are devastating to your employees and your organization

  • Occupational stress increases the risk of heart attack, according to a 2012 University College of London review of studies
  • The median number of days away from work as a result of anxiety, stress, and related disorders was 25 – substantially greater than the median of 6 for all nonfatal injury and illness cases (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2001)

With the program Stress Minimum Performance Maximum:

  • You can fight stress and improve your organization’s health, growth and performance
  • It is shown that psychologically healthy organizations outperform their competition and cut employee turnover significantly
  • Eighty-five percent of employees who participated in a wellness program in the past three years agreed that the programs are effective in promoting good health (Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, 2008, p. 7).
  • Practicing simple principles and techniques can bring calmness into your life and your employees’ lives. The PET system for stress-free organizations is created for that purpose
  • Create Peaceful Work Environment and Improve Employee Engagement
  • When the stress is eliminated and calmness is instilled, your employee breathes and lives happiness
  • Happy employee means happy work environment. That means employees will be willing to spend more time at work happily

This approach works. Why?

It’s simple human logic. We all human beings wish to spend more time in places which nurture happiness, kindness and love.

When human beings are happy they are at their best – they help others, they treat others with kindness. We all radiate love, peace and joy when we are in a good state of mind.

If we turn our work places into a palaces of happiness, our employees will be magnetically pulled towards work, will become better engaged with organizational activities and deliver better performance.

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