Speaking Presentations


  • Exclusively designed and refined to create the most powerful impact in the least amount of time, Dr. Kiran Dintyala’s signature keynote presentation takes the audience through a stunning set of illustrations and slides.
  • Combined with his calming presence this 40-minute presentation invokes in the audience deep peace, joy and meaningful insights that are life changing.
  • His signature keynote presentation is very specifically designed to take the audience through a step by step journey that answers even their most stressful challenges with an ease and simplicity that’s unparalleled.

Just sit back, relax and watch the show. You sure will be thrilled! We guarantee that you will find reassuring guidance to solve even the most challenging problems in your life. At the end of the presentation you will be able to ask Dr. Kiran Dintyala as many questions as you want and get personal advice and attention. Book Dr. Kiran Dintyala now for a Keynote presentation at your organization.

kiranstandingHalf to Full-day Seminars

  • Explore the PET system for stress-free living in depth. Transform your life forever with this calming and insightful full day interaction with Dr. Dintyala in person.
  • You will be able to question, discuss and understand a wide range of topics from acute stress vs chronic stress to internal vs external sources of stress to the true vs false sources of stress in your life.
  • As you uncover these concepts, a natural and simple understanding of the true source of stress in your life will be revealed to you and you will be able to act on it. That fascinating new understanding, will wisely guide you to the long sought shores of happiness and success in life.

You will feel a sense of freedom from all worries, fear and anxiety in your life. You will finally be able to learn how to let go of any negative emotions harbored in your heart, whether it is hatred, anger or resentment. You will be able to move forward in your life with a sense of excitement, relinquishing any negative thoughts that are holding you back from achieving success. Ultimately, a natural peace, joy and contentment falls your heart from within… a feeling that can’t be explained in words but can only be relished by direct experience. In one phrase, ‘your life will be completely transformed’. Don’t miss it!!! Click here to book Dr. Kiran for this life changing seminar

Weekend or Week-long Retreats

becalm Don’t you want to get away once in a while from all worldly obligations and responsibilities and remove yourself far away from this world and just relax and forget about all the burdens of life you carry on your shoulders every day? Life as you live in the current society has a way of burdening you enormously to the point of exhaustion where you feel crushed under the weight of all the responsibilities and hard work you lug on tiringly.

Once in a while you need to completely get away from all these burdens to refresh, recharge and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul so that you may be able to come back to your daily activities with such great joy and passion that you live out life at its fullest. I will give you a very strange but a positive real life observation that proves this point.

Every now and then I spot a colleague of mine in the hospital, whether it’s a nurse or a physician, who is very relaxed, jovial and full of energy. It’s very easy to spot such people; they are the odd man out, you know!! And I ask them, “Where did you go away past few days?” They almost always reply with an astonished look, “How do you know I went away on a mini-vacation?” I reply, “Well you look refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed.” They smile and say, “That’s true.

It’s so wonderful to take a break from the grueling routine and go away some where. It just makes so much difference.” Then I spot them again after a few days and they are back to normal – I mean the so called normal stressed selves that we accept in our society as a norm. I wonder, “how fast the work stress gets back to you.” All it takes is just a few days of work to bring back people to their stressed states. I used to ask myself, how to prevent stress? How to remain calm and joyful even under challenging circumstances? How do we sustain that energy and joy even after we come back from our vacation? The answer lies in the question itself. What do we do when we get away? Of course we chillax and enjoy, but do we learn or do anything new that’s going to sustain our joy even after we come back from the vacation?

For most people the answer is ‘no’! In fact, in our current world, it’s so hard to take our eyes off our electronic gadgets, that most people end up bringing their work responsibilities on vacation too! This leaves their spouses and other family members irritated and unhappy, leading to more stress. Some people spend good time with their families, do lot of fun activities and truly relax – which is excellent. But, when they get back to work, again, they fall into the old ways of doing things that lead to stress again. The solution for this problem is ‘not only to enjoy your vacation but also learn something new and exciting that will help you get back to your daily activities with more passion and sustain your peace, joy and balance as you carry out your daily activities’.

So, I decided to create this retreat program so that people can just come here, relax, unburden themselves from all their responsibilities, forget all the worries of life, socialize with like minded people and learn the deeper truths of life that will propel them forward in life towards more happiness, success and freedom. In this retreat, you will meet the foremost experts in this field who will guide you to find peace, joy, wisdom and much more. You will learn the secret laws of life that silently govern the human destiny. You will learn some of the simplest yet most beneficial exercises for your health and we will do them along with you to guide you. We will practice relaxation techniques together and I will personally train you to master these techniques. All these things that we do together, will result in an ultimate experience of peace, joy and balance in life. The most important thing is that you will be able to sustain that experience even after you leave the retreat. With the techniques and exercises you learn, with the new understanding of the secret laws of life and with the new realization of your true nature, you will be able to create a new routine in your life. You will be able to take a new path in your life that’s going to change your destiny forever. You will be so pleased by the results. When you go back to work and carry out life responsibilities, you will find a way to sustain the joy, peace and freedom that you experienced here.

In one phrase, this is the “Ultimate Truth Finding Program” that gives you the ultimate freedom, peace, joy and balance in your life. Don’t wait anymore. Let’s get together and experience the ultimate peace, joy and wisdom together!