What Others Are Saying

I greatly appreciated your seminar on stress management. It made me think of a framed saying that sits upon my desk:

“We create our own reality.” My belief is that we create our thoughts, our thoughts produce energy and energy produces action. Stress is a reality in our lives. Allowing stress to manipulate our lives into negative thinking produces a whirlwind of negative thoughts and perhaps negative action. Why waste our precious energy on the negative aspect of life? If I take the time to conserve water and recycle to help save the earth, shouldn’t I take the time to conserve the positive energy I withhold within?

Having you remind us that we should acknowledge stress and let it go so that it does not take away our precious positive thoughts reminds me one more time to live a more productive and healthy life.

My thanks to you for sponsoring this seminar.

– P.G. – A Cancer Survivor


My friends and I attended your stress management seminar in January. I wanted you to know that we refer back to what we learned often in our conversations. I am always trying to find more peace in my life. You gave me many tips to help with that. Thank you for such valuable information.

– Franca Biancamano


When I got the opportunity to write this testimonial, I took two days to think and write. There is so much I felt like expressing and I found it very hard to transpose my thoughts into words.

There are only two entities in this world who do not have stress: the statue of God in temple and the dead body in graveyard. Every body else has stress.

Dr. Kiran Dintyala is an amazing human being and his presence is calming. I have attended many personality training workshops and I volunteered as a group leader in many of them. It’s very rare to find a person such as Dr. Kiran Dintyala who instills calmness in us by his mere presence. Attending his workshop is an enlightening experience. It’s priceless. I have no second thoughts in recommending his workshops for those who want to bring positive change into their lives and their loved ones lives. Let’s kick stress out of our lives and contribute to the stress-free revolution.

– Bhanu


I highly recommend this presentation. Everything starts with self-awareness, which is what this course helps us achieve. I found it useful and relatable, that it could be immediately applied to peoples’ lives.

Most stress management is common sense but not common practice, so I think it’s very important for people to take part in this presentation so they can then apply the fundamentals to their practice. This presentation makes people more aware of their stress level so they can then work on it and decrease it.

Research shows that decreasing stress levels improves overall health and happiness. Participating in and continuing this work would contribute to people’s general well-being.

– Carol Ghergurovich, RN, MS, NE-BC, NEA-BC – Nurse Manager


When it comes to stress management, Kiran’s knowledge of the subject is only exceeded by his passion for teaching it!  He leaves audiences with practical solutions for managing the stress in their lives and, more importantly, for reducing its impact on their health and happiness.  In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, Kiran’s message is one that every person needs to hear and act on!

– Mark Sasscer – Founder & CEO, LeadQuest Consulting, Inc.


Poorly managed stress is becoming increasingly linked to illness, acute and chronic.  There are an increasing number of health practitioners focusing on stress management as a fulcrum for good health. Yet we continue to lack the critical mass to shift the population’s beliefs and behaviors towards managing stress to promote wellness.  Kiran joins others who are writing about this connection and his work is unique for several reasons:  

  1. He combines Western Medicine with Eastern Philosophy to strive for a balanced approach to stress management
  2. He provides straight forward exercises for the reader to learn and become skillful with the promise of better life balance
  3. He has a passion and commitment to this work and its dissemination that matches many of the older, longer time workers in this area  

He is part of the new generation that needs to continue to pursue the challenge of bringing this message of ‘better health through stress management’ to the broader public so that stress management becomes the norm for the population rather than a niche behavior for the innovators/leaders in the society.

– Dr. Susan D. North – Executive Leadership and Behavioral Coach